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Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Prague.

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ID 508668

Michael Sonenshine


Founder Symfonie Capital • Worked at @credit-suisse, @ing • Studied at @tufts-university, @university-of-rochester

ID 55382

Daniel Jones


Technology Venture Capitalist

ID 680394

Ondrej Spodniak


Principal and co-founder of REMDOX companies, ZENRON TAX & LEGAL Consulting, has over 15 years (from 1999) experience in asset management, investment,consulting

ID 36840

Daniel Lynch

Investor in @lime-tonic, @locus-energy, @logmein, @avangate, @systinet. Team member of @3ts-capital-partners.

ID 43047

Jaroslav Trojan


Associate @credo-ventures - a VC company focused on early stage investments in Central Europe. Industry focus is IT, Internet & Health.

ID 350175

Martin Korman


Co-founder of Slevomat in Czech Republic (Groupon clone in Eastern Europe, however, profitable), IT and video games industries before...

ID 291713

Rumen Iliev


:) to work with clever guys, amazing startups and to explore fascinating new ideas each day.

ID 125561

Karel Obluk


General Partner @evolution-equity

ID 209434

Petr Kudlacek


Founded MEMOS Group, eWay System Investor in Invenias.

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