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David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 726235

Pavel Volek

More than 9 years of experience in IU/UX design, web & mobile development. Educational & work stay in France. Acceleration program StartupYard 2014.

ID 30820

Pavel Binar

I am product guy, currently doing web, mobile design and frontend development.

ID 437731

Alexander Usolcev

ID 365360

Mirek Horňák

Working as Front End Developer at @gitoon and studying at @university-of-economics-prague

ID 307977

Tomáš Hirsch

Front-end developer, 5 years experience (mostly freelance), hundred of websites. Interested in business, startups, lean/bootstrapping.

ID 391756

Jacqueline Matuszak


ID 354012

Petr Vagner

Prague, Czech Republic. Strong Design & Development background Worked at Seznam, Xacti, Myspace. Worked with Microsoft.

ID 832519

Jan Herda

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