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ID 265786

Jiří Knesl

Programming > 15 years, BA Honours in IT management (now finishing MSc), Agile Methodology author, consulting and mentoring startups in Czech.

ID 154953

Pavlo Sidelov

CTO of,

ID 237001

Daniel Skarda

Founder Data Shakers

ID 187138

Jakub Korál

Interactive Web Developer. Fluent in JavaScript & CoffeeScript & CSS. Worked at @mather-advertures, @symbio-digital • Studied at @technical-university-liberec

ID 624137

Petr Jindráček

Web Developer interested in Java/Spring and Ruby on Rails

ID 663590

David Horak

Studied at @wharton-school @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-edinburgh •

ID 316037

Ondrej Podolinský

Simple, functional and fast software.

ID 60755

Miro Solanka

Technologist, Traveler, Tinkerer. Founder &

ID 406481

Jan Egert

Founder @siftynet, development team leader, consultant and analyst @media Factory Czech Republic, developer @internet CZ, a.s. (FORPSI).

ID 541525

Sergey Onufrienko

CEO of Gollos. 10 year in software development.

ID 414900

Davide Miozzi

Ruby On Rails developer. Worked for leading companies in Italy and the UK, now proudly part of the great 360cities team.

ID 16700

Josef Minarik

Lead developer at @zerply

ID 100346

Tomas Ruzicka

Entrepreneur. Hacker. Inventor. Co-founder of @abdocNet. Projects: @CSSPiffle @CSSHat @madebysource @subtlepattern

ID 392907

Sergey Royz

ID 68905

Petr Bela

Founder Guidilla • Studied at @delft-university-of-technology, @czech-technical-university

ID 185200

Vojtěch Kopal

MSc student in CS AI; passionate fullstack developer; several apps in AppStore; solid theoretical CS background

ID 249270

Petr Sigut

Co-founder, Ruby on Rails developer

ID 99826

Tomas Vavrda

CEO of Advantage Solutions, author of @asap-is platform. Before led Bewotec Czech office.

ID 525721

Lukáš Doležal

Software engineer at Pronto. Strong experience developing web applications, background in computer science. Participating TechPeaks. From Prague Czech Republic

ID 354012

Petr Vagner

Prague, Czech Republic. Strong Design & Development background Worked at Seznam, Xacti, Myspace. Worked with Microsoft.

ID 187370

Peter Grilli

Worked at @apiary-1, @mather-advertures

ID 81893

Yury Kusik

Software engineering: hacking with web technologies, project and product management. Founder at

ID 280826

Altai Tseveenbayar

fullstack programming-ninja

ID 104572

Jiří Knesl

MSc in IT management; First line of code written 20 years ago; Was leading multiple teams

ID 468746

Raman Lukashevich

ID 442033

Sanjeev S. Pillai

Worked at @neuple • Studied at @czech-technical-university, Front end developer, Security Specialist, Network administrator, HTML, CSS, .Net, hosting,web sever manager,C++

ID 484515

Aleh Mazura

International Java developer with passion for technologies

ID 136909

Jozef Kral

CTO of ShopMee. Senior software developer with experience from Games/Application/Mobile areas.

ID 790557

Alexander Sibiryakov

Search engine and data science guy.

ID 726235

Pavel Volek

More than 9 years of experience in IU/UX design, web & mobile development. Educational & work stay in France. Acceleration program StartupYard 2014.

ID 268107

Akshat Tandon

CVUT FME, CSS, Javascript, Printing Business,php, mysql, micka, Matlab, CSS, Maple, AutoCAD

ID 846700

Jakub Skvara

Full Stack Startup Engineer

ID 714238

Vit Ulicny

ID 82194

Michal Karták

Founder @brokeria;

ID 248619

David Hrachový

full stack Rails developer, mobile app builder, entrepreneur

ID 714590

Evgeny Karpov

Founder of kMaps LLC and Creator of kMaps application. Creates business strategies and development processes. Software dev. with extensive background in C++

ID 120276


Founder BagPix • Worked at @livescore-com • Studied at @university-of-milan

ID 352130

Roman Palkoci

Worked at @beatbeat

ID 296605

Andrej Gajdos

Student of Informatics with strong base in mathematics and theoretical informatics; try to follow new trends and learn new technologies in web development.

ID 307977

Tomáš Hirsch

Front-end developer, 5 years experience (mostly freelance), hundred of websites. Interested in business, startups, lean/bootstrapping.

ID 65880

Josef Lobotka

Founder of AskYou, Graphic & Webdesigner, SW engineer, Student

ID 391756

Jacqueline Matuszak


ID 655647

Pavel Bykov

Full stack web/mobile developer

ID 352129

Tomáš Babják

Worked at @beatbeat

ID 227335

Tomas Vitek

ID 375771

Sabrina Hsu

Software Engineer. [email protected]

ID 349768

Diego Castorina

Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience taking care of all phases of software development.

ID 657492

Tomáš Fejfar

Zend Framework developer who loves to work in a team

ID 521615

David Sevcik

Ruby and JavaScript expert / founder of / M.S. in Service Science, Management and Engineering

ID 655317

Alex Golubtsov

Senior PHP developer

ID 95956

Alois Bělaška

Family-First Microentrepreneur

ID 550129

Ján Koščo

Experienced web application developer. Focused on perfection & reliability, have sense of UX.

ID 714114

Marco Viscontini

ID 611973

Luka Horvatic

I am jack of all trades,with strengths in Tech,economy and analytics.I can improve every process to it's maximum limits even when topic is not familiar.

ID 501096

Daniel Balaš

Master's degree from Theoretical Computer Science. Worked as a freelancer for 10 years, including two tech startups.

ID 308142

Roman Bruckner

Worked at Turbosoft ltd. Studied Bc. at Palacky University Olomouc.

ID 856673

Alex Hajdu

Co-founder at Mr.Fox and friends studio @Mr.Fox and friends. Unity3D, iOS developer and designer.

ID 757754

Martin Wenisch

Pioneer of dead ends

ID 544321

Olga Andreeva

CS student, Software Engineer, Python developer

ID 134384

Pavlo Balandin

Expert in payment systems and flexible complex solutions with 15 years of IT experience.

ID 388916

Pavel Dusatko

I have been writing beautiful iOS applications for the last 4 years. I believe there is nothing more rewarding than being able collaborate with others to solve design problems and create software that is used by millions of people.

ID 743748

Midori Kocak

Coding enthusiast, cakephp lover, php developer

ID 374609

David Marek

ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 20752

Holden Thomas

Started the first Hostel & successful business in Lviv, Ukraine (2007) rated by World Bank's ease of doing business index at 145 of 183, below sierra leone.

ID 817888

Martin Kopecký

ID 445258

Jan Musil

Freelance android developer

ID 397179

Vladimir Suharev


ID 289059

Winston Sebesta

ID 148275

Tomas Hertus

ID 233756

Nick Jennings

ID 502923

David Veselý

ID 597897

Lubor Nosek

Zatim test

ID 348002

David Nekovář

Entrepreneur, Product Developer, Project Manager, Web Developer from Prague, Czech Republic

ID 20948

Tomáš Horáček

freelance developer (Objective-C, iOS, Python, Django and JavaScript/HTML5 lover); lomographer; Mac lover; amateur actor;

ID 531527

Marek Kříž

Founder @firemedia and Tweezio.

ID 331076

Igor Loginov

Upon request

ID 377629

Traycho Ivanov

Entrepreneur, Worked for several IT companie and searching for Co-founders.

ID 7477

Olda Neuberger

Founder of @libimseti-cz largest Czech dating site (250k daily users)

ID 504402

Jiri Pospisil

Full stack software developer. Programming and startup enthusiast. CTU Prague.

ID 465950

Ondrej Kroupa

Mobile App Developer at, Senior Android Developer at Liftago, Founder of, worked as Chief Android Developer at eMan, mobile apps agency

ID 291877

Jan Vojíř

Nothing does not seem impossible.

ID 487730

Radek 'blufor' Slavicinsky ☁

Freelance DevOps Engineer/(System|Network) Administrator. Lovin'n'working it since high-school ;]

ID 78950


Java, Android, JavaFX developer. Interested in agile management and public speaking. Love my family and cooking.

ID 275329

Zdenek Topic

young creative developer

ID 577096

Merlin Gaillard

Service Architect @ Concur

ID 185077

Alex Hajdu

Founder @tapforapp • Worked at @tapfroapp

ID 86563

Hana Stiborová

Business manager at CLEEVIO - we specialise in iOS, Android, Java, Symbian, BB . . .

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