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ID 312809

Juraj Priecel

Cofounder @efficio-consulting - high impact procurement advisory • Worked at @andersen-consulting, @at-kearney • Studied at @insead-1, TU Berlin

ID 60755

Miro Solanka

Technologist, Traveler, Tinkerer. Founder &

ID 57768

Lukas Hudecek

MD at @node5

ID 33605

Peter Ocasek


Founder & CEO @angelcam, Co-founder @startupyard & @node5 #500strong

ID 41071

Jan Moravec

Co-founder and product designer at @apiary. Worked as product designer at @gooddata and @seznam-cz.

ID 121980

Amit Paunikar

Co-founder of Mediastudio • Worked at @google, @yahoo, @marketshare • Studied at @university-of-southern-california • Product manager with strong technical background

ID 338556

Jiří Prokeš

Worked at @media Factory as a Key Account Manager, @Zaraguza Digital and @semantic Visions as a MD. Started own startup on 2013-06. Business background.

ID 412494

Tomáš Čupr


Founded Slevomat, largest group buying platform in CEE (revenues over 150 mil USD in 2013) and other successful companies in CEE region

ID 62450

Tomas Zeman

Internet and mobile strategy consultant, involved in various services and projects. Currently working at Aircus, to help SME get maximum out of the internet.

ID 87390

Orion Burt

Co-founder at Fondu and recommender engine dev turned Marketing Director. @new-york-university Stern, Accounting & Computer Science.

ID 90180

Mirek Burkon

Founder of, helping designers, agencies and their clients collaborate in a brand new way.

ID 68252

Filip Molcan

Entrepreneur living in the mountains. Analog photographer. Ranger.

ID 30820

Pavel Binar

I am product guy, currently doing web, mobile design and frontend development.

ID 314

Filip Dousek

Founder @bondaii. Founder @brand Brothers. 10+ years SAP.

ID 496055

Rodrigo Rivera

Data Science & Startups @rocket-internet • Founder @emplido • Studied @national-university-of-singapore, @bocconi-university @technical-university-of-munich

ID 68905

Petr Bela

Founder Guidilla • Studied at @delft-university-of-technology, @czech-technical-university

ID 65974

Jaroslav Slavicinsky

Co-founder and CEO at @askyou

ID 406481

Jan Egert

Founder @siftynet, development team leader, consultant and analyst @media Factory Czech Republic, developer @internet CZ, a.s. (FORPSI).

ID 4692

Vaclav Stoupa

Founder of @webexpo-prague Conference. Certified Scrum Master.

ID 264006

Klimov Yury

Founder, CEO at Hi

ID 93619

Anh Vu Hoang

Founder @css-hat, @madebysource. Worked at @abdoc, @maidgency

ID 524228

Firas Abdulhaq

CEO & Founder Playfresco , Software and hardware engineer.

ID 299669

Jozef Matas


ID 240007

Scott R. Schreiman

CEO of Kerio Technologies

ID 339248

Ondrej Chudy


ID 136909

Jozef Kral

CTO of ShopMee. Senior software developer with experience from Games/Application/Mobile areas.

ID 328197

Shina Charles Memud

Founder HaccasaRent • Worked at @ataccama

ID 100215

Petr Brzek

Passionate brand director, UX designer and CSS3 lover. Co-fouder of CSSPiffle and

ID 249777

Patrik Danek

Strong business background (Deloitte Consulting, Grant Thornton Advisory). Founder of Start Grow Succeed (mentoring startups), B2B for many CEE startups.

ID 237001

Daniel Skarda

Founder Data Shakers

ID 123268

Kirill Sofronov

Growth & traffic acquisition, worked in app/software distribution @hitfox, Berlin and private equity @EnerCap, Prague

ID 459580

Sandro Johanides

Founder and CEO of @foodlogic

ID 100346

Tomas Ruzicka

Entrepreneur. Hacker. Inventor. Co-founder of @abdocNet. Projects: @CSSPiffle @CSSHat @madebysource @subtlepattern

ID 65832

Paul Pribel

Owner at @uniplicator

ID 38323

Paulina Holmgren

CEO/Founder of German Real Estate Development Company, Bc Business Administration, Germany, @university-of-san-francisco Master Certificate, CAP, Adobe Specialist

ID 99826

Tomas Vavrda

CEO of Advantage Solutions, author of @asap-is platform. Before led Bewotec Czech office.

ID 225530

Lucie Vidličková

Maritime archaeologist and researcher specialised in ancient trade and shipwrecks.

ID 7957

Juraj Chrappa

Founder & CEO @lonely-sock, Worked at @electronic-arts, @ringier-axel-springer-media-ag

ID 65390

Tomáš Novotný

Entrepreneurship Enthusiast. Founder of two. Student at Aalto University. Start-ups promoter.

ID 135239

Martin Jerkovic

Founded Studentive & Guidilla. Product Designer. UI/UX. Business Graduate Student.

ID 75917

Tomas Milar


Founder of Startupr. Serial entrepreneur and adviser on Venture Capital, Exponent of EVA method - Valuation of companies.

ID 93621

Lukáš Hurych

CEO of @CSSHat, co-founder of Living, breathing for business.

ID 62196

Tomáš Ruta

ID 466171

Eynar Isayev

Founder @eepay Studying at @university-of-new-york-in-prague

ID 442033

Sanjeev S. Pillai

Worked at @neuple • Studied at @czech-technical-university, Front end developer, Security Specialist, Network administrator, HTML, CSS, .Net, hosting,web sever manager,C++

ID 20964

Alexander Kiselev

Founder of Copreso. UI/UX designer at Worked at Acronis and Parallels.

ID 20752

Holden Thomas

Started the first Hostel & successful business in Lviv, Ukraine (2007) rated by World Bank's ease of doing business index at 145 of 183, below sierra leone.

ID 134384

Pavlo Balandin

Expert in payment systems and flexible complex solutions with 15 years of IT experience.

ID 51164

Jakub Roz

Co-founder and CEO at @myschoolnotebook-com

ID 264010

Radoslav Balajka

Co-Founder of @waymi. Founder & CEO of (online business optimization), formerly Co-Founder & CEO of Millennium (leading supplier of web solutions, 4 years Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE winner).

ID 68959

Ondřej Bukáček

Co-founder - Event & PR Manager at @askyou

ID 318761

Jakub Tomek

Founder @memrify MSc. student of at VU Amsterdam, a student of Marketing at VSE Prague. Strong marketing background. Programming enthusiast.

ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 252113

Roman Sterly

Founder of SportCentral. Won Internet Effectiveness Award 2012, 3rd in Global Management Challenge in the world. Experience in leadership, software, marketing.

ID 330318

Kamil Skramuský

Founder @costlocker

ID 348002

David Nekovář

Entrepreneur, Product Developer, Project Manager, Web Developer from Prague, Czech Republic

ID 173398

Joe Wakeford


English independent music professional, start-up investor and serial entrepreneur based in Prague, Czech Republic.

ID 371950

Oldrich Matusek

Founder of @ishopping-1 , Co-founder of @maqtoob , occasional consultant for those, who do not hesitate to ask for help.. "beauty is in simplicity"

ID 82194

Michal Karták

Founder @brokeria;

ID 295940

Radomir Lasak

Founder, CEO of Billberries. Worked at Glogster - CEO, Czech Arilines - Prezident, CEZ - Vice-prezident, eBanka - CEO, Komercni banka - Vice-prezident

ID 216618

Kaveh Kalantar

Experienced leading multinational-multicultural teams in, more than 10 years experience in marketing, business development, product and project management. .

ID 7477

Olda Neuberger

Founder of @libimseti-cz largest Czech dating site (250k daily users)

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