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ID 726235

Pavel Volek

More than 9 years of experience in IU/UX design, web & mobile development. Educational & work stay in France. Acceleration program StartupYard 2014.

ID 125224

Petr Šulíček

Founder @spectu-2

ID 459580

Sandro Johanides

Founder and CEO of @foodlogic

ID 111516

Charlie Isslander

Worked at @onus, @turing • Studied at @palacky-university

ID 41071

Jan Moravec

Co-founder and product designer at @apiary. Worked as product designer at @gooddata and @seznam-cz.

ID 30820

Pavel Binar

I am product guy, currently doing web, mobile design and frontend development.

ID 307977

Tomáš Hirsch

Front-end developer, 5 years experience (mostly freelance), hundred of websites. Interested in business, startups, lean/bootstrapping.

ID 254226

Goran Umicevic

Founder @squaricon-1, Squaricon

ID 93619

Anh Vu Hoang

Founder @css-hat, @madebysource. Worked at @abdoc, @maidgency

ID 332652

Jakub Kejha

Independent UI/UX, Web, Product & Graphic Designer

ID 365360

Mirek Horňák

Working as Front End Developer at @gitoon and studying at @university-of-economics-prague

ID 321978

Vaclav Bedrich

Senior Web & UX Designer. Founder & CEO at @ideahired. Experience from Europe, US, UK + strong business background.

ID 135239

Martin Jerkovic

Founded Studentive & Guidilla. Product Designer. UI/UX. Business Graduate Student.

ID 328834

Alexandr Brinza

Freelance UI Designer.

ID 65880

Josef Lobotka

Founder of AskYou, Graphic & Webdesigner, SW engineer, Student

ID 354012

Petr Vagner

Prague, Czech Republic. Strong Design & Development background Worked at Seznam, Xacti, Myspace. Worked with Microsoft.

ID 157748

Jana Kusalova

Worked at @mtv-networks, @warner-music-group @kpmg Photographer, Videographer

ID 725957

Petra Kemkova

CEO at Owl Illustration Agency, founder of Minty

ID 331264

Jan Dvořák

Designer in Apiary.

ID 87390

Orion Burt

Co-founder at Fondu and recommender engine dev turned Marketing Director. @new-york-university Stern, Accounting & Computer Science.

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ID 127649

Lukáš Foldýna

Independent iPhone & Mac Developer. Occasionally, I design. In the end, I really just enjoy making and building things.

ID 79373

michal rezanka

I have been and integral part of the development of the CEE Internet scene from 1997 to the present and have a unique and valuable overview of trends.

ID 391756

Jacqueline Matuszak


ID 120954

Martin Karasek

Mobile User Interface & Icon designer, freelance, building Instashare & Jolicloud

ID 173398

Joe Wakeford


English independent music professional, start-up investor and serial entrepreneur based in Prague, Czech Republic.

ID 315203

Jan Šablatura

ID 413326

Tomas Jasovsky

Young designer from Eastern Slovakia rocking the socks off of cyberspace with ideas come to life, by means of design and intricate dream building.

ID 521615

David Sevcik

Ruby and JavaScript expert / founder of / M.S. in Service Science, Management and Engineering

ID 86563

Hana Stiborová

Business manager at CLEEVIO - we specialise in iOS, Android, Java, Symbian, BB . . .

ID 799219

Iván de Jesús Beltrán Hernández

Senior Graphic Designer, 5 years of professional experience as graphic designer and 5 years of professional experience working in startups companies.

ID 185077

Alex Hajdu

Founder @tapforapp • Worked at @tapfroapp

ID 41047

Max Ackermann

Owner/Director at Ludopoli GmbH. Senior Lecturer (Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins College, London).

ID 531527

Marek Kříž

Founder @firemedia and Tweezio.

ID 20964

Alexander Kiselev

Founder of Copreso. UI/UX designer at Worked at Acronis and Parallels.

ID 197409

[email protected]


Designer, Art director & creative director in advertising agencies for corporate advertising ATL & BTL @jwt, @eurorscg strategic planning

ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 573304

Tomáš Janoušek

Visual Designer focused on Mobile Applications and Web Dashboards. Now working as a Product Designer at Socialbakers (over 30M$ raised)

ID 291877

Jan Vojíř

Nothing does not seem impossible.

ID 524413

David Stefanides

Product Designer at @madebysource

ID 335606

Miky Vacík

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