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ID 553309

Alexander Kozlov

COO of @subject-ly; social technology and internet of things fan. Been a blogger, switched to creating things, conquering the world

ID 87390

Orion Burt

Co-founder at Fondu and recommender engine dev turned Marketing Director. @new-york-university Stern, Accounting & Computer Science.

ID 577063

Tomas Silhanek

Young tech enthusiast looking to engage professionally with Cryptocurrencies

ID 389645

Bogomil Shopov - Bogo

VP Marketing @usersnap

ID 148506

Gary Sheynkman


Director of Ad-Ventures @carrot-creative . Before: Corporate Development @ @kit-digital. 4 years: ~100-1500 people, NASDAQ IPO, 12 acquisitions, 4 Secondaries.

ID 251714

Erin Currie

Graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Global Studies and Italian. Currently work as an English teacher in Prague, Czech Republic.

ID 295544

Jozef Vodicka

Passionate leader, TEDx speaker, Mensa member, brough 5 project from idea to reality, studied in Finland, Singapore and Slovakia, M.Sc. from Information Systems

ID 484559

Hannah Levitt

Undergrad at University of Michigan; Marketing background; Interested in social innovation.

ID 314223

Benjamin Samuel Sassoon

bsasstrous. highly-caffeinated promoter. worked at @TEOCO Corporation @ Moocho @ Rockstar Energy Drink @sweetgreen @ 3 construction companies @ nonprofits

ID 157748

Jana Kusalova

Worked at @mtv-networks, @warner-music-group @kpmg Photographer, Videographer

ID 353092

Phillip Dade

Serial Entrepreneur finishing school @harvard

ID 510539

Rick Griffiths


VP Customer Acquisition for AVG Technologies. Worked at Zone Labs, Covario, Ernst & Young. Focused on consumer software, online advertising, mobile.

ID 514949

I. Slechta

I have knowledge & practical experience in the FMCG, chain management businesses, with the guidance of units operators in the Czech Republic & CEE countries.

ID 354012

Petr Vagner

Prague, Czech Republic. Strong Design & Development background Worked at Seznam, Xacti, Myspace. Worked with Microsoft.

ID 173398

Joe Wakeford


English independent music professional, start-up investor and serial entrepreneur based in Prague, Czech Republic.

ID 217133

Zuzana Chlupackova

@oxford-university PPE, @juniper-inc Intern

ID 339248

Ondrej Chudy


ID 68252

Filip Molcan

Entrepreneur living in the mountains. Analog photographer. Ranger.

ID 123268

Kirill Sofronov

Growth & traffic acquisition, worked in app/software distribution @hitfox, Berlin and private equity @EnerCap, Prague

ID 33605

Peter Ocasek


Founder & CEO @angelcam, Co-founder @startupyard & @node5 #500strong

ID 325705

Pavel Prouza

Digital Consultant specialized in Social Media, launched global projects for O2 and Samsung, Videogames Industry enthusiast. A pretty nice guy.

ID 268107

Akshat Tandon

CVUT FME, CSS, Javascript, Printing Business,php, mysql, micka, Matlab, CSS, Maple, AutoCAD

ID 445436

Ruslan Oripov

International Business Development, Sales Management

ID 167411

Miroslaw Ratman

Founder @creolife • Working @AVAST Software, Worked, and more... • Studied at @university-of-silesia-in-katowice, Poland

ID 373292

geoff tyson

Seasoned executive seeking positions in the entertainment, radio, film, event production and technology businesses.

ID 181926

Michal Hanáček

CEO at Dr. Pilulka s.r.o.

ID 95956

Alois Bělaška

Family-First Microentrepreneur

ID 340090

Rostislav Kocman

Communication & public relations guru

ID 529018

Karel Pospisil

Founder and CEO at Lord Charles Ltd. since 2013. Enterpreneur at promotional agency and online stores in Czech since 2009.

ID 889051

Chris Pearce

Prague CZ, experienced Account Manager with experience in premium tourism, education management and IT & Telecommunication. MBA graduate.

ID 68959

Ondřej Bukáček

Co-founder - Event & PR Manager at @askyou

ID 197409

[email protected]


Designer, Art director & creative director in advertising agencies for corporate advertising ATL & BTL @jwt, @eurorscg strategic planning

ID 383825

Michal Krcmar

Enthusiastic online marketer and content manager

ID 129342

Daniel Stanescu

commercial scout for the CEE region

ID 284272

Daniel Makarov

Passionate entrepreneur; CEMS alumni; launched 2 companies in 2 countries; gained experience in Russia, Czech Republic, USA and Singapore

ID 591054

Filip Nekvinda

Experienced Digital Manager and New Biz Enthusiast

ID 252113

Roman Sterly

Founder of SportCentral. Won Internet Effectiveness Award 2012, 3rd in Global Management Challenge in the world. Experience in leadership, software, marketing.

ID 686497

Martin Dufek

10+ year in senior/management position within Digital Agency, leading people, managing company operations, negotiation with key clients

ID 437670

Zdenek Dolezal

Over 6 years of experience in online marketing, sales and web development. Corporate marketing experience (2,5yrs in IBM). Currently looking for a change.

ID 600087

Maria Korovina


ID 318761

Jakub Tomek

Founder @memrify MSc. student of at VU Amsterdam, a student of Marketing at VSE Prague. Strong marketing background. Programming enthusiast.

ID 291877

Jan Vojíř

Nothing does not seem impossible.

ID 826850

Kamil Poláček

Headline should be - hello.

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