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ID 373292

geoff tyson

Seasoned executive seeking positions in the entertainment, radio, film, event production and technology businesses.

ID 826850

Kamil Poláček

Headline should be - hello.

ID 353092

Phillip Dade

Serial Entrepreneur finishing school @harvard

ID 889051

Chris Pearce

Prague CZ, experienced Account Manager with experience in premium tourism, education management and IT & Telecommunication. MBA graduate.

ID 823175

Iñaki Moreno Girona

Online business consultancy, project management and client acquisition. Solutions in Online business strategy

ID 284272

Daniel Makarov

Passionate entrepreneur; CEMS alumni; launched 2 companies in 2 countries; gained experience in Russia, Czech Republic, USA and Singapore

ID 468746

Raman Lukashevich

ID 314223

Benjamin Samuel Sassoon

bsasstrous. highly-caffeinated promoter. worked at @TEOCO Corporation @ Moocho @ Rockstar Energy Drink @sweetgreen @ 3 construction companies @ nonprofits

ID 445436

Ruslan Oripov

International Business Development, Sales Management

ID 310622

Chris Masci

Market Entry specialist and startup advisor. Currently European Director of Sales for Planned Systems International, Inc.

ID 514949

I. Slechta

I have knowledge & practical experience in the FMCG, chain management businesses, with the guidance of units operators in the Czech Republic & CEE countries.

ID 251714

Erin Currie

Graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a double major in Global Studies and Italian. Currently work as an English teacher in Prague, Czech Republic.

ID 295940

Radomir Lasak

Founder, CEO of Billberries. Worked at Glogster - CEO, Czech Arilines - Prezident, CEZ - Vice-prezident, eBanka - CEO, Komercni banka - Vice-prezident

ID 129342

Daniel Stanescu

commercial scout for the CEE region

ID 670909

Tervel Sopov

ID 591054

Filip Nekvinda

Experienced Digital Manager and New Biz Enthusiast

ID 363202

Ivana Klinderova

Co-founder, Head of Sales of Billberries. Worked at Glogster, Czech Airlines, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic (USA-New York, GB-London).

ID 778418

Michael Vasiliev

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