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ID 701801

Renata Zizkovska

ID 553309

Alexander Kozlov

COO of @subject-ly; social technology and internet of things fan. Been a blogger, switched to creating things, conquering the world

ID 611973

Luka Horvatic

I am jack of all trades,with strengths in Tech,economy and analytics.I can improve every process to it's maximum limits even when topic is not familiar.

ID 487730

Radek 'blufor' Slavicinsky ☁

Freelance DevOps Engineer/(System|Network) Administrator. Lovin'n'working it since high-school ;]

ID 514949

I. Slechta

I have knowledge & practical experience in the FMCG, chain management businesses, with the guidance of units operators in the Czech Republic & CEE countries.

ID 577063

Tomas Silhanek

Young tech enthusiast looking to engage professionally with Cryptocurrencies

ID 127763

Václav Štrupl

Internet marketing and business professional and co-founder of, the biggest performance marketing company in CEE. Now developing - Czech Fab.

ID 577096

Merlin Gaillard

Service Architect @ Concur

ID 597897

Lubor Nosek

Zatim test

ID 590533


Actually working at concur

ID 790757

Charlie Bluehawk

Founder The FarStar Company • Worked at @nasa-jpl • Studied at @orange-coast-college

ID 591054

Filip Nekvinda

Experienced Digital Manager and New Biz Enthusiast

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